Monday, May 30, 2016

The Margaret MahyPlayground - Caleb Jones

Margaret Mahy Playground. 24.5.16  
The Margaret Mahy playground is located in the middle of the city centre of Christchurch and plus the Margaret playground was designed by kids and is free to use and play on including the big climbing hill and plus the big slide also the spider web.

The big  metal slide is cold under your bottom as you put your hands on the bars. As you sit on the big metal slide you start to think  to yourself and you get a feeling that the big slide is too steep.

The climbing hill is a multicolored hill and made out of tiny bits of rubber but also the climbing hill has thousands of  crabs that are green and red. But there are a lot of exciting ways to get down off of the hill including the tunnel slide and the big slide.

Within the boundaries of the Margaret Mahy playground there is a spider net that is made out of stretched metal and rope that covers the pulled metal. Also, the spider net reminds you of a pirate ship that is in abandoned. The spider net feels rough when you climb the spider net  feels unstable on your hands and feet.

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