Monday, May 30, 2016

Cookie Madness - Rieya

Cookie Madness
By Rieya

WALT:write an accurate sentence with full stops and capitals

Rachel started to energetically stir the gooey choco chip  batter into a dribbly mess while her long skinny arms absorbed her disgusting dribbly sweat.

Betty slowly rolled the choco chip batter while the crunchy chocolate chips crunched like a parrot crunching on a cracker.

Jesse sliced all the cookie dough into adorable valentine and christmas theme shapes.

Rachel finally put the delicious looking cookies in the hot desert like oven, finally  she took the deliciously smelling chocolate chip cookie out.

Ending comment:

They all went to get some whip cream and toppings for the cookies i was the only one there so I ate all the cookies! When they came back oh no………

Julian our cat ate all the cookies. Shh i blamed it on the cat.       
                                                         rating  (8\8)

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