Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Margaret Mahy playground - Harry

Margaret mahy playground

On Monday we had a journey to the Margaret Mahy playground. My mum was helping with the parent help. Jen, Chris, Cody, Coby and Leo were my group. Then we walked a short distance to the yellow bus. I was really excited for this trip. It took awhile to get there but we made it. When we were there it took about 12 minutes for the line  to get ready. When we were ready we were going to this optical course. It was really fun there was mini golf and there was a piano. My group played both of the mini golf's. After that we walked back to the Margaret Mahy playground and we had something to eat. And after that we played on the playground. My group played on the gigantic slide and it was really fun.After that Chris Coby and i played on the flying fox we all had one go and then we went back on the big slid about the forth time i dashed down i landed on my sore it really hurt really bad I had to go too one of my teachers with the health bag. I showed her my sore and there was blood everywhere. I told my mum and she took care of me. When that was over we had lunch and i had homemade chocolate cake and i made it  myself. When that was over we played in the water park and i got my feet all wet.

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