Monday, May 30, 2016

Character Description- Tukua

Once there were a square sponge that lives in the mysterious sea and this sea sponge will inform the curious reader who this character is?

I look like a yellow jordans that lives in the sea i have holes in my body red rosy cheeks and little dimples sea blue eyes.

I like to annoy people  and Whenever i'm at work when i serve burgers i always dance just
for fun. I always go jellyfishing with my friend patrick.

I have sea coloured eye and i have a wide gap between my two big teeth and big smile on my face i'm short i look like i'm only a school student i wear a brown and white with a red tie i also always wear office shoes for cooking i wouldn't need them i'll make them dirty.

This information report is for this character description will be announced a mystery person,characteristics,actions and looks like. Will be described to allow to the curious reader to make the informed regarding the hidden identity of the unknown character.

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