Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Camping down the line week 8 Cody

Knowledge: List all the characters in the story and what they are.
Mum and girls
Dad baby and boy

Comprehension Retell the text in your own words. (At
least 4 sentences)

They were going camping when it was pitch black like this box. But they did not know they were right beside the railway tracks.They lit up the gas lamp and they had tea the twins put their lettuce on the ground.they went to bed.
In the middle of the night a train went past they thought they got run over but they didn't. The kids slept in the car.  
Application Draw a three frame picture strip of one part of this story. Include speech bubbles
Analysis Create a FLOW CHART of the main events in sequence - (there should be at least 6 idea

Synthesis- New Ideas Create a new front and back cover for the book. Give it a new title and write a short summary.

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