Monday, May 30, 2016

Margaret Mahy Playground - Charlotte

The Margaret Mahy Playground
On Monday 16th of May the whole entire school went to the Margaret Mahy playground. We took the bus to the Margaret Mahy playground and I was seated next to Nikita. And we got there at 10:20 and we got off and ate something and after that the juniors  played on the playground while the seniors walked to the HQ. where there are mini golf, piano, big ball, obstacle course's then after 10-20 mins we were going to go to the. Dance mat but we were a little late so the teachers decide not to go so instead we stayed there for another 10mins and when we walked back to the playground I could. smell coffee food and I could feel the breeze trying to make it rain when .we got back to the playground the Juniors went to the HQ. And it was time for the seniors got go on the playground and some adults on it to.

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