Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Scpf site 61 Chris

S.C.P.F. Site 61
By Chris

WARNING MUST READ: this is a scary writing doc it's about keeping the world safe from MONSTERS!!

Chapter 1
Getting a job.

One day i was in Class-D the prisoners class but then it my name was called out of the most loudest speaker ever! The crazy speaker said Chris Chambers Class-D Member report to the MTF Commanding Officer now i went with a SCPF Security guard to his office.

Chapter 2
Being part of the MTF

Then the commander said hey there Chris you are now part of the Mobile-Task-Force and my new title is now Chris (MTF) (MVP) it was crazy xD and i was never un respected again!

Chapter 3
Geting are weapons

I was welcomed to the Mobile-Group and the Mobile Security two but the first thing I was told to go to was armoury to get a are weapons they were a P90,Cloak 17,Mp5 and that was all of them and the coolest part was me getting a heavy duty armour and heavy duty helmet and my IvI 1 Key card IvI 2 Key card IvI 10 Key card and that was all.

Chapter 4
Going in the Heavy Contaminant area

So when I got my stuff I went to the  Heavy Contaminant area and only the Mobile-Task-Force were the only Team who had access but the Mobile-Administrator and access to every room.

Chapter 5
Mobile-Administrator's Job

His job is to make the Mobile-Task-Force and the Mobile-Security even and when a SCP Test escapes he will sand all the alarms plus he gets to go to all the Mobile-Meetings with all the Administrators and  Commanders.

Chapter 6
Having lunch with all the Class-D Members

L went to go have lunch and when I got there PRISONERS were looking like they were going to take over the LUNCH ROOM But that would never happen 1 There were 40 Mobile-Security Officers and 80 Mobile-Task-Force People they were all geared up that's for sure!

Chapter 7
Killing one of my friends

Having to sadly Essu Acute one of my best friends when l was part of the Class-D :( but l wasn't shooting him or whatever they do l was still on the job so I never saw him again.

Chapter 8
SCP 991

So when I was in the lunchroom with the prisoners the hole Mobile-Group was could by Administrator First class said all  Mobile-Task-Force members immediately report to Heavy catamint SCP 991 right now so I rushed to the Heavy catamint and cell 991 when
L got there SCP 991 WAS GONE!!!
Chapter 9
They were gone

When we all found out that SCP 991 was gone the security went up and the mobile-Group went up two
But on that day lots of the security officers started to go missing and then we all seted up a trap and then we waited and waited then we heard a bang and a crash so we all went in are place's.

Chapter 10
Catching SCP 991

Then we got him so everyone stood up and aimed there P90's and Aug A1, Aug A2,Aug A3 and Aug HBAR were ready to shoot and then the MTF leader said FIRE!!! We all shoot and it was mayhem then SCP 991 was knocked out so we put him back into his cell.

Chapter 11
Getting Fired!

So l went to my MTF Cando and then when I was just about to get in my condo I was called and it said chris chambers is fired so I left the building for ever!

The end.


  1. I enjoyed reading this story and finding out what happened in this high action environment. It took me a while to workout all the short names like MTF. This was well described. Keep writing please.

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  3. Nice. It has a lot of detail. keep it up