Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sub-zero / Scorpion and Minecraft Kody

(mortal kombat x)
By kody davison room 2

This  stimulating character description will discuss everyone's favourite mortal kombat character sub-zero.
Eye, Mascara, Makeup, Iris,
Sub-zero is coloured… blue with specks of grey and  white hips. His fortifying hair is not to be shown people say he has white hair. His eyes glow white in the snow. His skin tone is very DARK white. His robe design is right sided lines heading towards his neck.

Pink Heart Shape

Sub-zero shares his blood with his loyal,trustworthy brother scorpion.
He loves defeating are characters in mortal kombat x. This character is well known for his strength and ability of ice strike. Sub-zero can freeze five enemies in 5 to 10 seconds!!!.  

I'm Sorry.

When there is a fight Sub-zero can't resist joining it. He likes scorpion A LOT when it comes to brotherhood. He likes his actions but others don't.
Scorpion facts
Mortal Kombat X Box Art
Scorpion is a reptile and shares blood with his loyal and loved brother sub-zero. He loves his cabin full of spider-webs. Scorpion is half human and half reptile and calls himself scorpion for a reason he strikes poison everywhere. That is all i know about scorpion.
Minecraft facts
Herobrine does not exist on XBOX 360 and and some PLAY-STATIONS. Steve and alex have lots and lots of skins as well as star-wars , doctor who , stampy wolrd , skin packs 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 , beast skin packs and others. The creators of minecraft or mojang , microsoft and notch. That's all the time we have got together now i'll hand you over to the next page bye-bye!

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