Monday, May 30, 2016

Fun At The Margaret Mahy playground-Genevieve

WALT:Write a descriptive recount

Fun At The Margaret-Mahy Playground
By Genevieve

On Monday I went to the Margaret-Mahy Playground with the whole school but sadly my little brother could not go there, because he ran across the road on Garvens!!! Any way I was thinking that he would have a good time anyway because he might get a new toy but then I stopped daydreaming. I saw that daddy parked right next to the school so I hugged daddy then I said goodbye to him, then got out of the car and waved at him.

I walked in the gates and went into breakfast club and had a milo, then it rained. Heaven said ow we can't go it's raining but I really wanted to go and  so did Trinity. I went into the rain and then saw Mrs Boswell. She said that we are pushing against the weather and that we are going. The school bell rang so then I went into the classroom and then sat down on the mat. Mrs Boswell did the role, then she told us who our parent guiders were. My parent guider was Sara which is Chloe W's mum. Kya and Reiya
were with Jo, Trinity's mum.The parent`s had five kids each.

After we got on  the buses the bus driver took us to the Margaret-Mahy Playground. When the bus stopped we got off.The teacher said that we could  have some morning tea. After that the teacher told us to line up behind our adult so we did then we walked to a place that lots of schools have been to and we played for a little bit.

After that we went back to the playground and I first went on the big slide a lot then I climbed on the spider web then I had a try at the trampolines then went to look at the sand pit. I had a drink. At lunch time there was an old man who made a little kid cry a lot. He was very creepy but he went away because Mrs Tanner told him to. A lot of people thought he was funny but he was not me, or Chloe or her mum. After that I went to the water park.

We all had lots of fun. We got back to school and we played for a little then we finally went home.   

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