Thursday, July 7, 2016

San Diego Zoo - Leo

Have you ever wanted to go to San Diego, because our class traveled through the virtual tour to the San Diego zoo. We'll  take you on a trip with the virtual world. I really like the Polar bears, the Panda and the Lion cubs.

 First  Susan told us that unique Polar bears in San Diego zoo live in Polar bear plunge. The day that I watched the video when it was snow day for Polar bears. One Polar bear named Takek, slid down the hill almost slid down into the little river. When the polar bears play in the snow they turn the color that the bacteria is.

 The next thing I watched was Chinese,and he loves to eat Bamboo. It's the Panda. Pandas have giant amounts of curiosity. The Panda cubs come out into the Panda exhibit. Pandas are chubby black & white four legged animals. 

Last I watched The Lion cubs' CUTE!' and playful.Ken & Dixie are the newest Lion cubs. Ken & Dixie weighed 3 pounds when they were born, in a few years the 2 twins could be 300-500 pounds. They both have sharp claws and teeth that grow as they get older.
The San Diego zoo was great. I loved watching the videos of the Pandas, the Polar bears and the two Lion cubs. It was stupendous watching the videos.

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