Thursday, July 7, 2016

San Diego Zoo - Kieran

San Diego Zoo
1. Introduction
Have you ever wanted to go on a virtual trip? Well we went on a virtual trip to the San Diego zoo. We watched videos about the animals there. I liked the clever Egyptian vulture, the cute Armadillo and the humongous Komodo dragon.
2. Body Paragraph 1
Egyptian vulture

The first animal that I had interest in was the Egyptian vulture. The zoo keeper Jenny taught me a lot about Egyptian vultures. All vultures eat rotten food and love eggs but not all vultures have no hair on their head. The Egyptian vulture is not like other vultures because it has feathers on it's head and also eats cleaner food than normal vultures like worms, insects, lizards, rats, rabbits and rotten fruit. With no vultures the world would be a smiler place because they eat smelly rotten meat that is left over from other animals. Egyptian vultures would crack an ostrich's egg by hitting it with a rock a couple of times. As you can see Egyptian vultures are really cool and clever how it uses a rock as a tool! And is really interesting.
3. Body Paragraph 2

The next thing that interested me was the cute armadillo. The zoo keeper Kyn taught me a lot about armadillos and how their scales are made out of the same material as your nail. Did you that the armadillos are hard on the outside and soft on the inside and the pattern on it's head is different to others. On the armadillos proper body are long hair like wires that help them feel around at night which is really helpful because the armadillo has really bad eye sight. To protect itself it turns into a ball with only it's armor is showing. When it's time to eat it uses its little claws and good sense of smell to find and get food. Armadillos eat special pellets,vegetables , fruit, and meal worms. Armadillos are cute and very friendly as you can see.
4. Body Paragraph 3
Komodo dragon

The third animal that I liked was the Komodo dragon. Zoo keeper Ken taught me a lot about Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are like the king of lizards because it can get up to ten feet long and way up to 175 pounds! Komodo dragons have a fork like tongue just like a snake so it can smell one mile away. People say that the more Komodo dragons smell us the more it will want to eat us! .Komodo dragons eat anything they can find in the wild but their main priority is dear but at the zoo they eat rats, rabbits and beef shake and for a treat he gets eggs. Komodo dragons eat food in one giant gulp. Komodo dragons are so fascinating and extremely intelligent.
5. Conclusion
I like the San Diego zoo because it has so many cute and fascinating animals that I love!

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