Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Trip to the Hospital - Micah

My Trip to the Hospital
Today was the day I was going to Saint George's Hospital. My mum told me I’m not allowed to eat after 7.30 or to drink after 11.00.

When garden club went out to Rob we did some work in the garden. Rob said “go and pick some berries and carrots to take home” so we all ran over to do exactly that. I had forgotten about what mum said and picked 3 berries, 1 tomato and a strawberry. I was just about to get a carrot when I realized that I had eaten some food.

I ran like the flash and headed straight for Mrs Boswell who was at the office with a whole lot of little kids and one of them had fallen over (I think).
Mrs Boswell asked me if I was okay. I replied, “I ate some food by accident”. So she rang mum and told her about it. Mum said she will call later. About 15 min later she came to pick me up.We drove through town and into my room but we didn't smash through the whole thing. That would be CRAZY.

The lady led me to my room. Room 5 was my room. It was my room until 7.00 in the morning on Thursday. There was a T.V. that I could watch if I wanted to. After 10 min’s the nurse came in and put some cream on the top of my hand so I could get a blood test. At 4.30 it was time to go have my surgery . They put a warm blanket on my bed to keep me warm so warm like the sun. They pushed me to this room that I had to wait there until they were ready for the surgery. About 10 minutes later I was able to be pushed into the theater to have surgery. They put some gas into me so I can go to sleep.

After I woke up I was given a ice block to get my taste back to normal.I had a bandage on to stop the blood. I was taking back to my room to chill and watch TV. I had to stay there for the night so I didn't have any problems at home. In the morning my surgeon came to take off my bandage and it hurt so much. About an hour later I was able to go home….and sleep. When I got home I slept for about 3 hours. When I woke up it was time to pick up my sister from school. When It was tea time I was not able to eat so I didn't eat anything for a week…. Almost.

I got back to school on the following Thursday. Everyone wanted to see my ear. This is a end of a long life mistake.

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