Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reading Task - Abby

During Reading times in the Study we have been focusing on summarising information and being able to pull information out from a piece of text.

Independent Learn Task:
Who Froze Farrell Flint?

In your own words - summarise the story Who Froze Farrell Flint? Remember to think about who? What? Where? How? Why? When?

Farrell's brother  (scientist) = 43 persent: He seemed a little suspicious when he was talking about jealousy over his brother….

Carey Love (scientist) = 56 persent: he did seem suspicious when he was holding the lava worms, maybe he was trying to put on a show to get Minnie distracted from the case…..

Doctor Topp (Head scientist) = 23  persent: she did go into the  freezer lab in the morning and explaining how it could not have been her…….

Mirtha Dare-sweetly (scientist)= 100 persent! She had been trying to make a business down on Earth, with her half brother!
Using some of the ideas from the story - I would LOVE you to write a story as if you were a character from the school. Think of this as free writing! But I would like you to write along the same lines as the story.. In a science lab!!

By Abby

I had just landed on Mars, I was so EXCITED! I was going to be a  scientist at Topp labs! I trotted off into the magnificent building the doors slid behind me. I rushed over to the main desk. Um Dr. Abby Tombs?  Said a bored looking lady at the desk.  Are you here to check in?  She said again looking at me.  How old are you?  She said to me with a concerned look.  I am 11. I am a PHD in History, Chemistry. I said with a big smile plastered on my face.  OK here is your coat, your´re lab 22 b.  She said to me while eating some bubble-gum.  Thank you!  I said while racing off to my lab. So I started sketching down ideas to make stuff. Then all of a sudden a kid my age walked through the doors. They wore a dark blue  hat and was speaking to Dr. Topp……..

To Be Continued………..

Teacher Comment:
Well done on completing your work this week Abby, I really like the way that you have chosen to write your summary of what has happened in the story and that you have used brackets to tell me more about the different characters! Well done. Next time it would be great to see you writing a whole summary in one paragraph!
Your free writing short story is great with lots of excitement and the correct use of punctuation! I always love a thriller with the to be continued! Always leaves me in suspense.

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  1. Hi my name is Lacie i go to gilberthorpe's school.Nice job on this how long did it take you to make it?