Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Fishing Boat. - Greg

The Fishing Boat.
By Gregory

"How's your swimmin'?" My Uncle asks me, his loud, firm voice echoes in my ear. "If I fall in the water, I won't drown!" I yell back, I swiftly slide myself down the towering ladder. We were at the fishing dock, I was lowering myself carefully into my Uncle's boat. If there was no boat there, I would be soaking, wet and swimming with the fishes in the seemingly infinite waters.

Safely on the boat, my uncle opened his boating log and wrote down something. (I wasn't looking… Or caring.) Once done he placed the log down, walked out onto the deck and told me a fact about the "pesky little" seagulls. It felt awkward… Very awkward. Jokes were and still are, my Uncles great talent. "I will now make a container MAGICALLY appear," he announces. Yet magic wasn't his great talent, I had an eccentric look on my face…

He then proceeded to pull a container out from under a trapdoor on the boat. I clapped sarcastically and said "WHOA, WHAT!" My uncle opened the container, and I nearly puked. It was full of literal… FISH MUCUS! No gloves on, he started filling a transparent bag full of said mucus to use as bait. That's why he said the fact about seagulls, the fact was that "the (pesky little) seagulls swoop in and steal fish bait thrown into the water."

Seagulls were squeaking and squealing around our boat, this could mean only one thing. They had smelt the fish bait! I was about to take cover until my Uncle scared them away. Hizzah! I have now embarrassed myself... AGAIN. I groaned in despair, 'till suddenly he asked me if I had wanted to see over 20 oysters caught in one cage. He then states, "I will now pull this magic rope..." I sighed. It was going to be a long… day.


  1. Kody says... I really liked when you shared your work in class

  2. Wow Greg, your writing skills have improved dramatically!! I loved your story. Your writing ability is extremely impressive, it looks like I'll have a fair bit of competition at Hornby High. - Nathan W

  3. Wow Greg. I am impressed with your writing skills! You used some awesome vocab. Robyn