Thursday, June 2, 2016

Buzzy Bee a choking Hazard - Kayla

Knowledge:List 2  fact from the text  
1. The buzzy bee toy is only known because of when Prince William came to New Zealand and had a buzzy bee toy.
2. Did you know that there are heaps of babies that are choking on the toy buzzy bee.

The main thing is that the people that make buzzy bees should make sure that no one can eat anything off of it and make it more safe so if babies but it in there mouth nothing would fall off and choke them. This story should be called the buzzy choke.

Application:Draw three frame picture strip
Babies normally put stuff in there mouth but
You should watch your baby everything it put in its mouth!.

If you buy this test it be for you let your baby have it because parts might fall off and your baby might put it in it mouth.

When you get a toy for your baby make sure that the toy is made so no wheels are going to fall off.

Analysis: Make a flowchart with at least 4 things in it

Synthesis: New ideas write one thing you would changes
The one thing that i would change is that the people that are buy it get to see how's it made and if it made correctly.
Evaluate: Make a judgement and rate the story
I rate this story 8 out of 10 because i don't like reading stuff that have babies choking and that the people who make them should make them better.

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