Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Smash a Six in Cricket

WALT-We are learning to write a detailed
Must do-Write a procedure for a game or a basic activity.
How to Hit a Six in Cricket
Hit a six in cricket
How to
  1. Walk on to the cricket field confidently unless you can't play.

  1. Nervously wait for the skillful bowler to bowl the solid ball before you try hit it.

3.After you have waited for the ball to make it to you.

  1. Play a shot that would be a good way to go with the ball viciously

4.After the bowler has bowled the inflexible ball.

  1. Watch the soild ball all the way onto your cricket bat while concentrating on the tough ball.

  1. Then be happy because you hit a six unless you got out!

And that's how you hit a six

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