Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kim's Week 7 Reading

AnB Week 7 Reading Three Strong Women Japan New Zealand Population: 127,364,663 million 4,693 Million Currency: Japanese Yen Dollars and Cents Language: Japanese English,Maori,Sign National Day: National Foundation Day Waitangi Day On February 6 Mountain: Mount.Fujiama Mt.Cook/Aoraki 3,724 meters AnBExcellent comparing of countries :) Mrs N Japan’s 3 Sports New Zealand’ 3 Sports Sumo Rugby Martial Arts Soccer Baseball Cricket Ana :) Happy Sentences :( Sad Sentences Other Sentences 5.The next day they began the work of making Forever Mountain into a strong man. 4.There was another thud and everyone turned around to see Forever Mountain lying on the ground. 3.The woman came up to them, put the ox down, and smiled at Forever Mountain. 6..When Forever Mountain went up to the Emperor to collect his prize money. 2.The girl kept on walking, and Forever Mountain had to follow, trying hard to get his hand free. 1.A long time ago there lived a famous wrestler, and he was on his way to wrestle before the Emperor. CB 1.Strongest = showing or able to exert great bodily or muscular power; physically vigorous or robust. 2.Fainted = a sudden loss of consciousness, usually temporary and typically caused by a lack. 3.Prize = given for having successfully done something (winning a competition or completing a goal), or can also be awarded. 4.Emperor = the male sovereign or supreme ruler of an empire. Group 1 1.I have a toy and my little brother keeps eating it and it is inedible. 2.I

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